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Turn your data into decisions

RFM Analysis

Recency, Frequency, & Monetary (RFM) is a great way to get a handle on your best, worst, and churned customers. Instantly access those users and reach out.

Cohort Analysis

You set the starting parameters and what data you want to see fulfilled after those parameters have been met. Use that data to view performance and sales drop-off. Look at campaigns, visitor sources and any other data point.

Data Insight and Export

Simple and calculated grids, similar to pivot tables in Excel, allow you to drag-and-drop your own reports, export them, or schedule them to be generated whenever you want.

Real-Time Monitoring

Instantly access top referrers, promos, URLs, etc... through our optional tracking pixel, in real-time.

Understand your customers

We break down every interaction to the user level, empowering companies to make individual decisions for individual users. We look at every data point.

All your customer data in one place

Real Story connects all your existing data sources in one place helping you make better decisions about your business.

Data Provider Sources

Smart segmenting

It's never been easier.


Simple drag-n-drop interface of columns you manage and know from your existing data set

Fully customizable

Our column system allows Real Story to fit to your needs, not the other way around. Various data types are supported along with search and filtering specific to those types.

Simple API

Get data in and out and integrate anywhere. Easily view product relations and export data for product recommendations based on sales and/or views.

Dashboards & Widgets

Custom dashboards with widgets and charts to quickly see different types of information


Calendars are a useful way to spot trends and view your data on a monthly basis. You can also compare date ranges based on the calculations your calendar is associated to.

Trend Analytics & Data Mining

Advanced data-mining algorithms help you make sense of your data and spot trends that otherwise would go completely unnoticed.

No time for setup?

Once your data is loaded via our simple API or bulk-imported via XML, we can assist and explain how to get the most out of your data.


We rely on the Real Story reporting tool for the majority our E-commerce reporting. Since Magento reporting is very limited, Real Story has been a huge help to our business! Real Story is super user friendly and allows me to easily build just about any report on the fly, whether for top products, coupon usage, geographic data, etc.


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